Spiderwick Chronicles Author Booksigning!

Holly Black, Author of Bestselling Series The Spiderwick Chronicles, to Visit Delmarva

SALISBURY, MD — In honor of National Library Week, and in conjunction with the Salisbury Children’s Literature Festival, bestselling author Holly Black will be visiting Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The visit, which is sponsored by Eastern Shore Regional Library and Salisbury University, will include a program at the Easton High School. The event is free and open to the public. There will be an opportunity to buy a Holly Black book and have it autographed by the author.

When Good Canning Goes Bad!

by James R. Coffey

Preserving food through canning is a fantastic way to enjoy fresh, delicious food year round! There’s nothing sweeter than opening a jar of food you’ve canned yourself – and nothing is more disappointing than realizing the food you’ve worked so hard to preserve is not safe to eat.

This column deals with first identifying spoiled food - and then preventing future occurrences. Yes, you may have a few failed attempts as you learn the art of food preserving- but don’t give up! Save and savor those fresh-picked flavors – all year round! You can do it!

Got Stress? Call Cindy Draper & Associates!

We're juggling more stress these days. Our bodies bend in supplication, yet we find ourselves experiencing headaches, stiffness, muscle spasms and overall physical discomfort. We can't make the world go away - but we CAN minimize the effects of the world on our bodies and spirits.

Cindy Draper & Associates, located in historic Denton, have created a cocoon of rejuvenation and serenity in their 1890 Meditation GardenMeditation Garden
Victorian home and Meditation Garden. Experience the healing power of Reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, massage and more.

Licensed massage therapist Cindy Draper explains, "I believe in the healing power of touch! I love helping clients that come in with aches, pains, stress, and physical or mental fatigue leave feeling relaxed and refreshed. It's the best!!!"

Celebrating the April Fool

by Dwayne Eutsey

Trying to figure out the origins of April Fools’ Day is a lot like trying to figure out the punch line of an elaborate cosmic joke. You open a can of Internet research hoping to find a few crunchy nuggets of facts and certainties when—BOING!—out spring all kinds of contradicting theories and speculations.

According to Snopes.com, today’s annual celebration of pranks and foolishness remains shrouded in mystery. The website myth-buster offers a few possible origins, all of them with some spiritual or religious significance:

First Fruits Orchard

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Open early June through late September, sun-up to sun-down everyday. Enjoy picking fresh fruit in our peaceful orchard. Our season begins with cherries and blueberries followed by peaches, grapes, and apples.


8416 Harmony Road
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Peter and Cathy Herrman

Being “Clothes” Minded

by Debbie Bowden

Here's an easy way to keep your clothes organized -- use the same color hangers! You will be surprised at how much neater your clothes seem when they are on the same color hangers. White hangers are great, but you can be colorful too (there are even purple hangers out there). And one more thing -- keep a place on the closet rod to hang empty hangers. Once you wear an item, place the empty hanger in this space. That way you don't have the empties jetting out all over the place.

To really get your clothes straight, start by sorting all like items together -- jackets, suits, dresses, skirts, pants, tops. Then organize the like items together by color and hang them up going from dark to light. This method works just as well in dresser drawers -- keep like items together and sort by color.

"Song Yet Sung" A Book for all Marylanders

by Mindie Burgoyne
Song Yet SungSong Yet SungSong Yet Sung, by James McBride, is the selection for One Maryland One Book for 2009, a program of the Maryland Humanities Council.

According to the MHC website: "One Maryland One Book is Maryland’s first and only statewide community reading project. It is designed to bring together diverse people in communities across the state through the shared experience of reading the same book and participating in book-centered discussions and other related programs at public libraries, high schools, colleges and universities, museums, bookstores, and other organizations."

As a supporter of reading and literacy, and as a native Marylander, I felt compelled to participate in the One Maryland One Book program. Currently, I have no time for pleasure reading. My full time job with the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development has me working extended hours - especially during this economic crisis. But, as part of my job, I spend 12 to 15 hours per week driving up and down the Eastern Shore. So I downloaded the audio version of Song Yet Sung, put the 10 hour, unabridged edition on my ipod, and began listening as I traversed the roads and scenic byways of Dorchester, Talbot, Caroline, Kent, Wicomico and Somerset Counties.

The Healing Power of Nature

by Amber Golshani, ND
Dr. Amber GolshaniDr. Amber Golshani Dr. Golshani has an office in Easton. She can be reached through her
http://www.drambergolshani.com/index.html[_new]website or by calling 1-877-627-5507.

What does the healing power of nature mean to you? Maybe your first thoughts are of the utilization of herbs, plants, vitamins and minerals to improve health. Did you ever consider that you are a part of nature? That a healing ability resides within you?

The healing power of nature is the inherent self-organizing and healing process of all living systems which establishes, maintains, and restores health. You have experienced this on a daily basis. Cuts, scrapes, bruises, recovery from surgery, and even the mending of broken bones is the work of your self-healing process. These are visible examples of a process which is always at work, even when we aren't aware of it.

April Programs at the Talbot Free Library

Upcoming Programming at the Talbot County Free Library in April of 2009. Programs for adults, children and families! (separate programs for Easton & St. Michaels)

In the Cold of Winter, Talbot Interfaith Shelter (TIS) Offered Warm Hospitality

By Dwayne Eutsey

The invisible homelessThe invisible homeless

Although tent cities haven’t sprung up on the Mid-Shore as they have in other parts of the country during these tough economic times, homelessness is still an issue in our communities.

According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH), there was close to 10,000 homeless people living in Maryland in 2007, which was a 20 percent increase from 2005. Throughout the state, 16 percent of that number were chronically homeless, while nearly half (48%) were families, and 4,000 were veterans.

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