by Travis Mamone

Easton High School has done it again with their production of the Who’s rock opera “Tommy.” Under the direction of Tom Quimby, the cast and crew bring Pete Townshed’s masterpiece to life with excitement, drama, humor, and great rock and roll.

Based on the Who’s 1969 double-album, “Tommy” tells the story a boy who, after witnessing his father kill his mother’s lover, becomes psychosomatically deaf, mute, and blind. He is abused by his Uncle Ernie and Cousin Kevin, grows up to be a champion at pinball, and, when he regains his senses, becomes a messianic figure to his fans.

“Tommy” was made into a move in 1975, and then went to Broadway in 1993. Easton High performs the Broadway version, so don’t expect to see Tommy’s mom roll around in a pool of beans.

But do expect to see an outstanding cast that includes Jacob Porch as Tommy, Sarah Lowe as Tommy’s Mother, Shane Taylor as Captain Walker, and Matt Filbert as Uncle Ernie. Filbert is a standout; he can bring out both the humorous and lecherous sides of Uncle Ernie convincingly. Another cast member to take notice of is 7th grader Ian Young, who plays Tommy as a child. He’s mostly quiet during the first act, but in the second act he finally gets a chance to display his tremendous voice.

Here Comes the Sun…

UUFE Holds Spring Equinox Celebration, March 20

by Dwayne Eutsey
The late comedian Bill Hicks once wondered why Western Civilization commemorates the resurrection of Jesus with a story about a giant rabbit sneaking into our homes at night to leave us chocolate eggs.

“I’ve read the Bible,” Hicks mused. “I can't find the word ‘bunny’ or ‘chocolate’ anywhere in the (expletive deleted) book.”

Yep. Try as you might, you’ll be hard pressed to find any references to the Easter Bunny hopping around in the Christian Bible. Nor will you even come across the word “Easter,” for that matter. Rooted as they are in the Pagan celebration of the Vernal (or Spring) Equinox, both the bunny myth and the word “Easter” itself pre-date Christianity in Europe by centuries.

On the Spring Equinox, which marks the seasonal change from winter to spring, the length of day and night are equally balanced due to the earth’s position in its orbit around the sun. This transition from cold to warmth, dark to light, remission to renewal has long been celebrated by many agricultural cultures around the world, including pre-Christian Europe.

Taking your life to.. .Another Level!

by Aaron Hutt
I want to start by expanding your thoughts about What Is Fitness. When we think of the definition of fitness many of us think of distance runners or bikers as the fitness people on earth, but the what definition for fitness is used?

The term fitness is hard to define and thus is used by many, including us to validate their particular training style. The closest we can get, and the one we use is the ability to adapt to life’s needs. So if you’re only need is to run 26.5 miles from the police then yes being a marathoner is for you! If you only need to stop trains, then power lifting is for you. You get the idea. While being very good at one area… it doesn’t guarantee greatness in another and excludes many of us fro enjoying even a taste of success due to some natural constraints.

I have come along a group of physical skills that can be the foundation of a fun, and effective start into total fitness, and I promise not to be too technical:

Cardiovascular/Respitory endurance- the ability of the bodies systems to process, gather and deliver oxygen

Stamina- The body’s ability to process, store, and use energy

Strength- The body’s ability to recruit muscles to exert force

Flexibility- The ability to maximize range of motion of a given joint

Organize Your Purse at the Car Wash

by Debbie Bowden

With the recent winter weather, and subsequent road salt, we all are taking our vehicles to the car wash. This is a perfect time to organize your purse and immediate surroundings in your car.

Start with your purse. Take out your wallet, remove all the unnecessary bits of paper, put your money in order, and smile at the picture of your kids (or significant other, or pet for that matter). Set the wallet aside. Move next to the largest item (say a makeup case). Take everything out, throw away old and unused items, and replace everything neatly. Set it aside. If your purse has inside pockets, do the same routine – remove, trash unnecessary items, replace, set aside. Do a quick wipe of the inside of your purse and put everything back. Viola! Your purse is organized (and I bet the car wash isn’t even at the rinse cycle yet).

Move on to the immediate surroundings in the car. Empty the console in the same method as your purse, wipe everything down with a hand-wipe, and put your stuff back. Repeat the process with the glove compartment, door pockets, etc. Do a quick wipe of the dash, squirt some Febreeze, and you are done. As is the car.

Sharing a Common Meal; Sharing a Common Story Interfaith Passover Seder in Easton, March 30

by Dwayne Eutsey
PassoverPassoverIn this fast food era, eating is often just one more thing we have to multi-task.

It’s not uncommon for people to grab a value meal from a drive-thru window and gobble it down alone while driving, working at the desk, or watching television. In fact, taking time to share more deliberately prepared meals together has apparently become so infrequent that a cable network, TV Land, recently ran a campaign urging families to eat dinner together…and without the TV on. website

Eating together, of course, is also an important part of belonging to a faith community. Potluck lunches and dinners are essential to a congregation’s social life, while certain foods often hold deep symbolic significance in many religious rituals.

The Jewish tradition of table fellowship is an example of the dual role food can play in spiritual life. According to religious scholar Don Saliers, the meal at the heart of this ancient practice united the community (and even those outside the community) in celebrating and sharing in the blessings of God’s bounty. Saliers also points out that early Christian communities continued practicing this part of their Jewish heritage in gatherings called agape (or love) feasts.

Country Preserving

by James R. Coffey
Preserving the GardenPreserving the GardenWe have over the past two columns discussed the history of canning and the methods involved. Now we will tell you how to can and how to use both a water bath and a pressure canner.

This is also a good time to assemble jars, canning lids, canners and other equipment you will need. Many times once we get into canning season, some supplies run out and are not replaced quickly enough when you really need them. You can find used jars at flea markets, yard sales and even your family members who no longer cans. Purchase your pectin and lids early as your store may run out at the height of the season. Never reuse canning lids at any time. Rummage and Garage Sales as well as E-Bay are a good source to buy pressure canners and water baths. Beware of antique pressure canners as parts may no longer be available for them. I have provided more information in the insert from my canning book:

Peter Pan

by Erin Mawn
QAHS's Peter PanQAHS's Peter Pan
Do you believe in fairies? That is the most important question asked during any performance of Peter Pan. Yes, I do believe. I also believe that the children and teens from Queen Anne’s county schools that appear in this play do an excellent job at preserving the magic and the stage traditions of Peter Pan. Almost everyone knows Peter Pan, so a synopsis of the story isn’t really necessary. But the story about the boy who never grew up is even more charming when the stars and supporting cast are not quite grownup themselves yet. Unlike many amateur performances of Peter Pan, the QACHS production was engineered to allow the stars to fly; this was made possible by using the same type of technique that allowed numerous generations of Peter Pans to fly on stage such as Maude Adams, Mary Martin and Cathy Rigby. What method is that? Fairy dust of course! (As well as some cables that are strategically placed on the actors during opportune times in the story.)

The QACHS production of Peter Pan features some talented young actors and some nice sets as well. I particularly liked the Darling nursery set, which actually resembles a Victorian nursery with a fireplace, matching beds, and mauve colored wallpaper. Not to mention the large window provides the portal for Peter Pan.

The play also features songs, which are from the well-known Mary Martin musical version.

As Economic Anxiety Deepens, a Local Group Says Give Peace a Chance

The Search for Peace begins WithinThe Search for Peace begins Within

By: Dwayne Eutsey

Personal budgets and retirement funds are not the only things taking a hit these days. As economic woes continue to rise, our psychological and spiritual well-being is also increasingly frayed.

In a recent study, 80 percent of people surveyed (ages 18-54) said money and housing concerns were disrupting the “harmony of their lives.” Aside from contributing to personal issues like depression, this anxiety can erupt in violence in the home and community, with hate group activity an especially ugly manifestation. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, as unemployment rates began to climb last year there was a 4 percent jump in hate groups around the country.

These bleak statistics can seem overwhelming when dealt with in isolation. However, joining others in an inclusive, supportive community can offset the stress and alienation that can lead to violence. According to psychiatrist M. Scott Peck: “There can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community.”

It’s that vital link between personal well-being and social stability that an Easton-based group wants to foster through sponsoring Talbot County Peace Week (March 15-21).

Connect the Dots - and Follow Your Dream!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Sara England CunninghamSara England Cunningham
It is said that dreams come true when you follow your passion and do what you love! For many of us, these dreams began with childhood fantasies and play. Cal Ripken loved baseball; Oprah Winfrey loved to talk with people and made friends easily. And, once upon a time, a precocious three year old effectively organized all the other kids in the sandbox and put on one fantastic tea party!

Sara England Cunningham is all grown up now - and she's following her passion with her company,Connect-the-Dots. Based in Kent County, MD, Sara is already earning a reputation on the Mid-Shore for coordinating events that are simple, elegant and fun!

Connect the DotsConnect the Dots“I love talking to people and finding out what makes them tick, then incorporating that into their event, making it personal and real to them (and everyone who knows them!)” says Ms. Cunningham. “I listen to what people say about themselves – what makes them smile. That’s how I can create an event that’s just right for them!”

Connect-the-Dots orchestrates many different occasions, including mega-events such as weddings, corporate celebrations and large community events. But Sara’s expertise can also remove the stress from smaller celebrations as well, such as a book signing, a garden or book club social, a non-profit volunteer appreciation gathering, a family reunion or a small/intimate anniversary or wedding.

“For smaller events,” Sara explains, “I attach an hourly rate for consultation. I can probably plan a small party from conception to execution in an hour, two tops. For the average person, planning a small party can consume hours and hours without much result. So, hiring a party planner can be cost-effective, even for a small budget oriented party. Additionally, as a professional party planner, I know where to find the deals, where to cut corners and where to ‘put on the dogs’ for the most bang for your buck.”


Of Mice and Men: Cast (left to right): Logan McCormick as Slim, Charles “Pat” Patterson as Candy, Jon Hodgson as Carlson, Bruce Grove as George, Monte Hailey as Whit and Patrick Fee as Lenny.Of Mice and Men: Cast (left to right): Logan McCormick as Slim, Charles “Pat” Patterson as Candy, Jon Hodgson as Carlson, Bruce Grove as George, Monte Hailey as Whit and Patrick Fee as Lenny.Church Hill Theatre begins its new season starting on March 6th with the John Steinbeck classic Of Mice and Men. Rarely does a novelist adapt their own work for the stage, but in this case, Mr. Steinbeck, who later won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1940 with The Grapes of Wrath and became a Nobel Laureate in 1962, wrote Of Mice and Men in the form of what one critic termed a "play-novelette.” He hoped that the piece would read like a play and play like a novel.

In the play, Two migrant field workers in California's Salinas Valley during the Great Depression—George Milton, an intelligent and cynical man, and Lennie Small, an ironically-named man of large stature and immense strength but limited mental abilities—come to a ranch in California to "work up a stake." They hope to one day attain their shared dream of settling down on their own piece of land. At the ranch, the dream appears to move closer to reality as even one of the ranch hands offers to pitch in with Lennie and George so they can buy the farm by the end of the month. But a terrible accident suddenly occurs, leading to an agonizing choice for George.

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Ship Rigging

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