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Another Level Fitness is one of 300+ Crossfit facilities. CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program designed to elicit as broad an adaptation response as possible. It is not a specialized fitness program, but a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence in all ten areas of fitness. Our program delivers a fitness that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Life rewards this kind of fitness and, on average, punish the specialist that only focus on one. Many of the modern day boot camps are based on or are taken from the Crossfit style workout.

Is It for Me?
The question regularly arises as to whether older or deconditioned persons can do this type of workout. The needs of an Olympic athlete and our grandparents differ by degree not kind. One is looking for functional dominance the other for functional competence. Lifting a 20 lb. bag of dog food for the average Joe is equivalent to an elite athlete picking up another 200 lb. person, so why should the means of training to do them be any different?

Bella Luna Restaurant in Cambridge

Mosaic by Jen WagnerMosaic by Jen Wagner

Downtown Cambridge's newest restaurant, Bella Luna, is located at 303 High Street (the old High Spot).

Serving lunch and dinner daily, along with Sunday brunch, Bella Luna features regional Italian cuisine, with a focus on local, organic, and fresh. Specialties include made-from-scratch ravioli; sausage and sun-dried tomato in rosemary cream; and shrimp, olives, and oranges over fettuccine.

Methods of Canning through the Ages

by James R. Coffey
Water Bath CanningWater Bath CanningPressure Canner: This is the only method considered safe for canning low acid foods by U.S.D.A. and all canning authorities. A pressure canner is a sealed pot that allows steam to reach above the boiling point of water. This reduces time and gives a greater degree of safety. [we’ll be discussing pressure canning in greater detail in future articles!]

Water Bath: This is the oldest method and the one used by Nicholas Appert. The jars of food are placed on a rack in a pot and the jars are covered with water. When the water boils, the processing time is counted. When the processing time is up, the jars are removed from the bath, allowed to cool and the jars are checked to be sure they are all sealed. This method is also known as cold packing in some areas and the kettle as a cold packer.

This method is recommended for all high acid food. This is fruits, bread spreads, pickles, and most tomatoes, as long as they are acidified. This method was also used for vegetables and other low acid foods. It is still used in the Amish and Mennonite communities for this purpose.

Household Quick Tip #1

Quick tip for removing wrinkles

Use water and sunshine to remove wrinkles!Use water and sunshine to remove wrinkles!by Debbie Bowden

Ironing is a necessary evil. But who has the time? So, the ironing piles up and piles up until you’re facing a rack-full of wrinkly garments.

Here’s a tip to remove the wrinkles without the ironing board.

Put your dry clothing on a hanger, button up the shirts, hang the slacks with the crease, and clip the skirts nice and tight. Now, take it all outside to the clothes line. (If you don’t have a clothes line, I advise you to invest in one if you’re able. It saves a ton in energy costs). Hook the hanger over the line, and spritz everything down with water from a spray bottle. As the breeze goes through and the sun shines down, the wrinkles disappear! By the end of the afternoon, that pile of ironing smells fresh and looks wrinkle free.

Note, this trick will not remove stubborn wrinkles and the clothes don't have a pressed/starched look. But for everyday cotton and cotton-blend shirts, pants, and skirts, it is a time-saver, a money-saver, and an energy-saver.

Meandering Through Kent County

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Kent County, MDKent County, MDIt was a perfect day - filled with sunshine, country charm and joyful people. Which may explain why the streets of Rock Hall and Chestertown were overflowing with laughter, fun and people!

Kent County is the northernmost Mid-Shore county. It's off the beaten path - you don't tend to wander through on your way to somewhere else. However, as the many friendly residents and tourists will quickly inform you - it's worth the trip!

We began our day in Rock Hall. The quaint, charming village is perched on the end of a peninsula - which explains their famous seafood! Rock Hall offers intriguing events year-round, including music, festivals and the annual New Year's Eve "Rock-Fish Drop".

We wandered through the town and stopped at the Harbor Shack Waterfront Bar & Grill (20895 Bayside Ave.) for lunch. The place had a pretty good crowd, many folks opted to eat on the Bay-front porch or in the front room dominated by a large, wooden, guest-friendly bar.

An Introduction to Canning and Equipment

by James R. Coffey
Preserving the GardenPreserving the GardenHome canning is both art and science. Nothing is more satisfying than a full canning storeroom. The science, of course, is that is must be done right or it will not keep.

Canning tidbit: Canning, as we know it today, was invented by Nicholas Appert. This “Father of Canning” was awarded 12,000 Francs for developing his methods – which haven’t changed much through the years. Canning preserves food by sealing it airtight after a heating period which kills the germs and organisms that cause spoilage. If jars do not seal or the heating (processing) period is not long enough the food will spoil.

Why are we talking about canning in February? Because you’ll need to plan your garden around your future canning projects! You’ll also need to gather the necessary equipment. Some people like to can soups and meats in the winter – if so, here’s what you need to get started!

Cambridge Celebrates 325th Anniversary!

Dorchester CountyDorchester CountyThe City of Cambridge is celebrating 325 years of heritage in our community. To commemorate the occasion, the city is seeking local partners and event planners to assist in making this a year long community event.

This historic community, established in 1684, has many valued traditions and a rich heritage that continues to be celebrated. A glimpse of historic High Street and the expansive historic district showcases the legacy of our past. Small museums honor our culture and traditions by preserving our Underground Railroad, maritime, colonial, Native American and agricultural heritage. Many events, too numerous to mention, are also centered on heritage that offer connections and cultivates pride in our community...

Fall in Love at Talbot Humane

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Zoe: "A lap without a cat is like a day without sunshine!"Zoe: "A lap without a cat is like a day without sunshine!"

Talbot county homeless animals are incredibly blessed - they have the wonderful folks at the Talbot County Humane Society on Route 50 in Easton! My family and I had a wonderful visit there recently - and everyone walked away feeling great!

To be quite honest, I usually avoid animal shelters unless I'm actively looking for a pet (which is NOT that terribly often). I always feel guilty for not taking all of them home with me! This place was different. No air of desperation - just enthusiastic animals and wonderfully helpful employees!

Jiggs, Sweetheart Pit-BullJiggs, Sweetheart Pit-BullWe were there to take pictures of one of the dogs, a beautiful male brindle Pit-Bull who has spent most of his young life at the shelter. Jiggs greeted us enthusiastically, but calmed down as soon as we left the building. He spent a while sniffing all the various - apparently delightful - aromas that abounded in the outdoor exercise area, then began playing with us. He was an amazingly sweet boy - I was seriously tempted to take him home (but our 10lb Rat Terrier Queen, Jadzia, would never tolerate such an outrage).

Once Jiggs was returned to his dog run we greeted several more dogs, from tiny puppies (with amazingly sharp teeth) to an older Rottweiler mix that greeted us eagerly. The entire area was clean, bright and cheerful.

Best yet, once a dog has been accepted into the shelter's adoption program (meaning it has passed many tests - health, temperament, etc.)it remains until it finds a forever home. (which explains why Jiggs is still smiling after 8 months) I like that. I like that a lot, actually....

Let's Hear it for Home Businesses!

Cyndi Paxton Johnson: Mid-Shore Life &  Johnsons' Consulting, LLCCyndi Paxton Johnson: Mid-Shore Life & Johnsons' Consulting, LLC

How many of us have dreamed of having our own business? We're not looking to go head to head with Donald Trump, we simply want to support ourselves, our dreams and our families by utilizing our skills and talents. Maybe we want to work from home - taking on a few select clients while raising our children. Some of us may actually have to go into an office to work - but we still are on our own - we're independent businesspeople.

It's scary on your own. You know you're supposed to contract out for services outside your area of expertise - but consulting firms seem to be geared to larger businesses - who can afford larger price tags. Your small businesses don't require a team of engineers or security clearances. How do you find the services you need to grow - at prices you can afford?

You work with other small/home businesses. These are the folks that understand your needs, your goals and your financial restrictions. Look in community papers and websites, get word of mouth referrals from others like yourself, and simply ask around. The larger organizations are busy trying to land government contracts and serve larger businesses - find someone who specializes in small/independent and home businesses!

For websites - I certainly recommend you talk with ...

Plan an Evening of Romance!

Local woman, Dr. Amber Golshani, creates chocolate aphrodisiacs!

Dr. Golshani and her Love TrufflesDr. Golshani and her Love Truffles

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

It began - innocently enough - in a mother's kitchen. Dr. Golshani was experimenting with ways to get healthy, immune boosting herbs into her young daughter without a lot of added sugar. She began mixing the herbs with cocoa and dates and soon her child was begging for the healthy treats! Amber Golshani then shared her creation with her friends - who begged for more!

Eventually Dr. Golshani, a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.)with an office in Easton, created another cacao based treat for her grown-up friends. "Love Truffles" contain a potent blend of herbal aphrodisiacs and nutrient-rich raw foods that stimulate your senses while providing a natural "boost". Different herbs are used to create "his" and "hers" chocolate delights!

“Her” love truffles contain herbs that promote relaxation, increase circulation and pleasure, help relieve stress and muscle tension, stimulate the libido, and balance the female hormones for a more sensuous experience.

In “His” love truffles, stimulating herbs are blended to promote energy and stamina, increase libido, promote circulation, and boost virility for a strong performance and enhanced experience.

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Main Street Stores, Abingdon, VA

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