Jordan Page

By Travis Mamone

Jordan PageJordan Page
“Listen to the sound that you hear,” Jordan Page sings, “like an echo in your head/ there’s a strange vibration rising/ from the heart of America.” Page challenges his audience to do just that: listen. Listen to what’s going on in the world, to what our leaders are doing, and to an incredible local talent with a powerful message.

His brand of acoustic rock--a mixture of Bob Dylan and Pearl Jam, among other influences--is a powerful call-to-arms against injustice and war. "I will not submit to authority of man/ I'm alive I'm awake," Page announces on the percussion-driven "Listen." "Song for Bob" is an acoustic plea for peace dedicated to Dylan. “You taught us that war is a sin and a sham and a shame,” he sings, “and the penance we pay for our silence is more than just taking the blame.” But Page also has a softer side. “Evergreen” is a catchy, romantic song dedicated to his wife. “My love is evergreen,” he sings, “she’s got the ways and means to give me the heart of my desire.”

To find out more about Jordan Page, visit his website at

Be Green (as in environmental stewardship) by Managing Green (as in dollar bills)

by Debbie Bowden

Protect the planet and save money tooProtect the planet and save money too
The clutter that many Americans face is because we used to buy more than we needed (or at least more than the space we have). Even in these tough economic times, it is tough to not buy stuff. It is the basis of our economy. We want to grow as a nation.

However, a dollar spent ends up being a dollar cost. The cost is in space – both your space and space at the landfill. When you run out of space and de-clutter, more than half of the stuff will go to the dump.

What it all boils down to is this -- too much stuff comes from too much buying. Building sustainability at home, at work, in your community, starts with better resource management. And resource management starts with not wasteful spending.

Now is the right time for better resource management with a halt to wasteful spending, and thus discover space to live in!

Running to the Aid of Talbot County’s Youth

100 Local Marathoners Raise Money for YMCA Facility

Local Runners Celebrate!Local Runners Celebrate!

Easton, Maryland — To create positive change in their communities, some people run for political office; others run charitable organizations.

And some people, like those volunteering with Marathon ROCKS, run 26.2 miles.

Beginning May 9, approximately 100 local residents will train to run at least one marathon or half marathon in the fall. Their goal (aside from crossing the finish line) will be to raise money for the new youth development facility (scheduled to open in 2010) at the YMCA in Easton.

Under the coaching support of Amy Eutsey and Lea Ann Robinson, co-founders of Marathon ROCKS, Mid-Shore runners will train for the Virginia Beach Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon (September 6) or the Marine Corps Marathon (October 25). Some will even run both. To participate in the 18- or 26-week training programs—which welcome everyone from non-runners to hard-core athletes—participants agree to raise at least $1,000 in donations for the YMCA youth facility.


Artworks in ChestertownArtworks in ChestertownArtworks is pleased to offer a free photography show by Paola Gianturco in honor of Women’s History Month throughout March.

In her best-selling book “In Her Hands: Craftspersons Changing the World”, Gianturco documents the activities of 90 women in 28 villages of 12 countries on four continents with brilliant photographs celebrating their traditional crafts.

Gianturco’s work has been shown at United Nations Headquarters, the Russell Senate Office building, and the Smithsonian. She has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show to discuss her experiences in meeting poor women in developing countries who are making a living for their families with their handwork.

“Many are illiterate and their access to resources is limited; yet their energy, ingenuity and commitment make it possible for them to earn the necessary funds, often by juggling four or five income-generating craft projects at a time,” She said. “I wanted to meet these micro-entrepreneurial heroines. What were their dreams and disappointments, their triumphs and pleasures, their accomplishments and predicaments?”

The Chicago Sun-Times has called her work “a glorious celebration of poor women in a variety of cultures...The kaleidoscope of photographs is truly amazing”.

I've Got Too Much Stuff!

Let's talk about that word "stuff." It's a nice word that describes everything one could want to organize -- the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's a label for all the clothes in the closet, all the holiday decorations in the attic, all the trinkets around the living room, all the extra plastic food containers in the kitchen. It's the cast-offs, the mess, the debris. It's the nice vase from your favorite aunt, the jacket you wear once a decade, the lasagna pan you use to bake that delicious apple crumb.

"Stuff" isn't judgmental. The old adage, "One man's junk is another man's treasure," is true, true, true! It is important to not question why someone feels the need to keep a piece of notepaper yet get rid of a perfectly good hammock.

Spotlight: Jayme Ploff

By Travis Mamone

Jayme PloffJayme Ploff
For the past couple of years Jayme Ploff has been dazzling audiences across the Eastern Shore with her soulful and dynamic voice. Originally a jazz singer (she studied Jazz Vocal Performance at the University of Miami), her repertoire also includes pop covers and original songs. Whatever she sings, her voice brings each song to life.

Ploff has two CDs; the first is a four-track demo of original compositions. “Release the Beast” is an empowering anthem written after some one referred to its author as a female dog. “Take your lips and plant them firmly on my ass,” she snarls, “’cause I’ve been to your house and I know you built it out of glass.” “My Life” explores the struggle between our parents’ wishes and our desires. “I hate to tell you it’s a fact of life,” she sings, “not everything you say and do is right/ I go my own way.”

Ploff also has a live jazz CD, which features standards like “What a Difference a Day Makes,” “Blame it on My Youth,” and “Besame Mucho” (the only song Ploff says she knows in Spanish).

For more information, go to her website. And if you go to any of her shows, she likes it when the audience says, “Woo-hoo!” Just something to keep in mind.

Everything from Artists to Ghosts in Abingdon, Virginia!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Main Street, Abingdon, VAMain Street, Abingdon, VA
Looking for a vacation that’s close to home yet offers you unparalleled relaxation, fantastic countryside views, great food, eclectic art and maybe a ghost or two? Historical Abingdon, Virginia may be your perfect getaway retreat!

Abingdon, VAAbingdon, VA
Close your eyes and imagine gently sloping hills, dotted with sheep, cows, goats and the occasional llama. A small stream gurgles at the base of the hills, running beside an historic mill that made flour for families as early as 1790. See yourself drinking that first cup of morning coffee on the porch of a restored cabin, reveling in the laughter of the birds. The early morning mist settles below the peaks of the mountains and the calves frolic on the adjacent hill, racing each other across the green valley.

Later, when you’ve drunk your fill of beauty, serenity and coffee, you meander the four miles to the town that was originally named Wolf Hills, after wolves attacked Daniel Boone’s dogs when he camped there on his first expedition to Kentucky in 1760. In 1778 the town was incorporated as Abingdon, after Martha Washington’s ancestral home in England. Today the town of Abingdon, Virginia offers us history, ghosts, theatre, music, art, shopping, dining, and the great outdoors – the perfect place to unwind, play, and rediscover the joy of living. I’m smiling as I type, remembering the three blissful days spent in the foothills of Appalachia.

Governor Announces Harriet Tubman Design Project

Visitor Center and Park Amenities will Interpret, Preserve Legacy of Freedom Fighter in Dorchester County

Annapolis, Md. (January 27, 2009)—Governor Martin O'Malley today announced Board of Public Works (BPW) approval of the design contract for the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad State Park, including a visitor center, memorial garden and trails in Dorchester County. The Park is being developed by the Maryland Departments of Natural Resources and Business and Economic Development, in cooperation with Dorchester County and area residents who have long sought an appropriate memorial to the freedom fighter.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Let it Snow!Let it Snow!We're sorry, the Mid-Shore is temporarily out of order! It's a snow day for most of the mid-shore (sorry, Dorchester County - maybe next time!) Enjoy the snow now - for it's supposed to change to sleet and freezing rain tonight!

Drive carefully, friends - the roads are actually covered. By tonight they'll be downright treacherous - so try to stay warm and dry inside! For those of you from places that get REAL snowfall - try not to laugh. Here on the shore - we take whatever snowfall we can get!

Speaking of snowfall, my Eastern Shore children were outside for an entire 20 minutes until the biting cold and blinding snow forced them indoors. (and yes, I AM being sarcastic) They had dug out their old but never used plastic sleds and screamed with delight as they flew down the snow-covered slopes in our backyard - also know as the three-foot high dirt pile. Real screaming - the kind you hear on death-defying roller coasters. It's very sad. Perhaps it's time we built a REAL hill on the mid-shore that families could actually sled down?

Punk Rock at Easton Historical Society

Procrastination RecordsProcrastination Records

by Travis Mamone

Local punk bands Press Black, World Class Defects, and Psycho Rainbow will perform at the Historical Society in Easton, MD this Saturday, January 24th, at 7 p.m. The show celebrates the release of a new album featuring Press Black and World Class Defects. According to Press Black’s MySpace blog, the CD “will have four unreleased originals from each band, and each band covering one of the other band’s songs.”

For those expecting radio-friendly pop punk like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte, look elsewhere! Press Black and World Class Defects--from Easton and Greensboro, respectfully—are bringing back the original sound and attitude of classic hardcore punk. These aren’t catchy little numbers about skater boys and high school proms; these guys sing about destruction, mind control, death, and nonconformity.

Psycho Rainbow is an up-and-coming indie band from New York. Don’t let their huge ironic sunglasses fool you—these guys have the talent! Their blend of psychedelic, surfer rock, and noise pop make them a band worth seeing live.

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