Coffee Cat: What's In a Name?

By Travis Mamone

The Coffee Cat in EastonThe Coffee Cat in EastonMany of you have noticed several changes with Coffee East coffee shop in Easton, MD, especially their name. Is it Coffee East, Coffee Cat, Night Cat, or what? And will anything else change? Hopefully this will clear things up.

Coffee Cat is the café portion, where you can order lattes, sandwiches (try the chicken Panini with goat cheese!), and pastries. Night Cat is where you can see live shows every weekend from a variety of artists. It’s the same building, of course.

But why change the name? As you may or may not know, the coffee shop is now under new management. The same people who now own Coffee Cat also own Hair o’ the Dog Wine and Spirits. So to keep with the pet theme, Coffee East

Mid Shore Cake Rant

Beware the ranting woman! I've just wasted two hours of my life trying to find a bakery - on the mid-shore - where I can order a birthday cake for my daughter. She wants something specific this year - a dragon. Not the Disney Princesses, or My Little Pony, or Nascar - a dragon.

I've found exactly ONE bakery that allows you to order online - Giant Foods in Easton. They even gave pictures of the cakes - and prices. It may have taken me awhile to actually get to the appropriate page - but their site DID meet my needs. Except they have nothing even minimally resembling a dragon. Do you think Scooby-Doo would suffice - if I painted a long tail on him???

Team Trivia Nights: Show Off What You Know!

Andy's in ChestertownAndy's in Chestertown

by Erin Mawn

“How many Campbell’s soup cans appear
in Andy Warhol’s famous painting?”

That is the question that cost me $40 a few weeks ago. Well, not really. I could have gotten a forty dollar gift certificate if I had gotten it correct, but how was I supposed to know how many cans of soup were on that canvas? Does anyone know? You might be surprised by how many otherwise useless trivia tidbits people know, but don’t have the opportunity to share with their peers.

Trivia night at Andy’s in Chestertown gives local residents a chance to show off their knowledge of well, pretty much everything! The questions range from science (“What creature is of the genus Hippocampus”?) to popular culture (“What song was Men at Work’s first single in the US”?. In case you’re wondering, the answers are ‘seahorse’ and “Who Can It Be Now?”).


Gardeners: The Dangers of Non-Organic Compost and Straw!

Alert! An herbicide called aminopyralid, released by DowAgroscience in 2005, does not decompose readily and may remain in treated straw and well-rotted manure. The perennial weed killer is aggressively marketed and has been used on thousands of acres of North American fields. Putting tainted manure, compost or straw on your garden may kill plants such as tomatoes, lettuce and beans.

This isn’t Dow’s first environmental nightmare; they were linked to destroying home gardens in 2001 due to their product clopyralid – which is still sold as Confront. Our Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) seems to be turning a blind eye to these dangerous chemicals.

Indeed, in spite of research showing that aminopyralid remains in the soil for years, the new products were fast-tracked by EPA through the Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative. Apparently, by showing that the new generations of poisons are LESS toxic, regardless of amount, the product bypasses most of the scientific data required to win EPA approval.

Be very careful about putting tainted material on your garden. IF the EPA doesn’t care about potentially destroying our healthy, nutritious gardens – we must look out for ourselves. This is the time to ask probing questions – not to blindly accept a salesman’s assurances that “of course this stuff is safe – no problem!”

The Gardener's Abundance

Artworks Announces New Clay Studio Classes

Artworks in ChestertownArtworks in Chestertown
Artworks community craft and art center, headquartered in Chestertown, has issued a preview of Winter/Spring clay workshops and classes at its studio now open at the Arts at Still Pond Station on Still Pond Creek in Worton, MD. A variety of classes and an opportunity for independent work are available. New equipment, made possible by a generous donation, gives Artworks a first-class clay studio including a computerized kiln, slab roller, pug mill and six pottery wheels.

Space at the former U.S. Coast Guard Station in Worton, now The Arts at Still Pond Station, lends itself well to the craft of pottery. With help from the Kent County Parks and Recreation Department, the facility has been transformed into an arts center with rented art studios as well as public space for functions and exhibits. Artworks now has the only public clay facility on the Upper Eastern Shore.

“Beginning Potters Wheel” with Joan Reed is an eight week class meeting on Thursdays from 9:30 to Noon. The winter session is January 29 to March 19; The spring session is April 9 to May 28.

Cake Wrecks Made My Day!

IQ Test?IQ Test? It's raining, dreary and boring on the Mid-Shore today. Snow would be lovely - this is just....muddy. But take heart - I've found the Blog of the week:
Cake Wrecks:When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong! Ok - who gets the baby?Ok - who gets the baby?

Seriously folks - this is one of the funniest sites I've ever seen. Fight off the weather doldrums with a hilarious trip down fiasco lane. Enjoy!

Chickens are tough!

One Tough ChickenOne Tough ChickenIt has started getting cold here on the shore. (Not as cold as Tok, Alaska, -78F last I heard) It has been getting down into the 20s at night and, of course, we are concerned for the newest members of our family.

This is our first winter with chickens and I have been having nightmares about getting up one morning and finding 8 chicken-sicles hanging upside down from the perch in their chicken coop. Guess what, chickens are a lot tougher than they appear.


SchlinderSchlinderNine artists from Cambridge bring an eclectic mix to the Artworks Gallery in Chestertown from February 6-23.
Artworks, the community art and craft center at 306 Park Row in Chestertown, features art by the “447 Studios and Gallery” group who practice full-time at 447 Race Street in Cambridge. Oils and water colors, sculpture, mosaics, abstracts, and mixed media will be shown, some with classic Eastern Shore themes.
“In spite of these difficult times, we’ve had a surge of interest,” according to Mary Ann Schindler of Easton, one of the eight artists exhibiting. “Chestertown and Cambridge are both arts destinations that have a sense of

Saint Nicholas & His Christmas Legend

Saint NicholasSaint Nicholas

by Lana Taylor Figgs

The countdown is on, it’s Christmas Eve! So bow those gifts, get the ham in the oven, and hang those stockings with care. Santa will soon be on his way!

Many of the Christmas traditions we cherish today got their beginnings from a very special man named Nicholas. He was born in the third century to a wealthy Christian family in Myra of Lycia [modern-day Turkey]. Nicholas grew up to become a Bishop and was known for his generosity and compassion with children and those in need. One of his first renowned acts of kindness was when he inherited his parents’ wealth and learned there was a man in his village who had three daughters but no money for their dowries. Nicholas anonymously left three bags of money for this family. (Read more...)

Dixon's Auction at Crumpton

by Erin Mawn

The Place to Be on WednesdaysThe Place to Be on WednesdaysOld sewing machine? Check. Salvaged corbels from Victorian building? Check. New Kids on the Block lunchbox with matching thermos? Check! These are just a few of the more interesting items I have brought home after a day at Crumpton. For those of you in the loop, you know exactly what I’m talking about. But, for those of you that don’t, I’ll explain.

Featured Image

Bus Number 3

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