Finding Calm Amidst Chaos

Focus on the PositiveFocus on the Positive

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

It's THAT time of year again. The calendar is taking on a life of it's own - and our to-do lists and obligations threaten to overwhelm us. We feel burdened at what should be a time of celebration, family and friends.

I want to focus on what's important: laughter, love, friendship and community. To do so, I need to banish the demon of perfectionism that hovers behind my ear, continually whispering that I'm falling behind, that I'm not good enough, that I'll never get things right. What does that demon know, anyway? (read more)

Holiday Concerts Reminiscent of Times Past

Chorus of DorchesterChorus of DorchesterWhen Ed Kinnamon, Cambridge City Treasurer, was in elementary school, he and his grandmother would go to Nathan’s Furniture Store located at 321 High Street, during the Christmas season, to hear his mother and father sing with the Grace United Methodist Church Choir. The choir would line up on the grand staircase and share holiday music with the audience seated about on Nathan’s first floor. Ed said that the concert was broadcast by WCEM radio.

Bob Brannock remembers a week long series of concerts at Christmastime by various local church choirs. Ida Jane Baker recalls singing with the Zion United Methodist Choir during the Christmas of 1949.

Such holiday memories are shared by many Dorchester County residents. This Christmas season, the community can relive the experience at the Dorchester Center for the Arts...

Walk Through Bethlehem

by Lana Taylor Figgs

Roman soldiers on horseback patrol the busy streets as the throngs of people crowd the town to pay their taxes. Instantly, you’re transported back over two thousands years ago in the city of Bethlehem at the time Mary & Joseph returned to Israel. Mary was expecting their first born son, to be named Jesus.

Pastor Kerry Hinton and his congregation of Lynnhaven Baptist Church [in Pocomoke City, MD]welcome everyone to join them in reliving and celebrating that first Christmas night. They offer this live walk free of charge and this is their second year.


My Winter Garden

The Winter Garden: Strawberry, asparagus and tomato patchThe Winter Garden: Strawberry, asparagus and tomato patch

by Polly Irons

I visited my garden today, the first time in over a week. I was not looking forward to seeing the perennial grasses popping up all over the vegetable and flower beds. To my surprise the grass, I believe it to be Kentucky blue grass, is throughout all the beds and is forming a nice turf in all the wrong places. I shrugged my shoulders and said, "Oh, well, it will wait until spring."

The weeks prior I had spent endless hours pulling and hoeing the grass. With the cool damp weather upon us, hoeing would not kill it. It resprouted everywhere I hoed it to. With the grass barely one quarter inch high, pulling was like plucking your eyebrows with your fingers.


Mid-Shore Businesses Get a Financial Break!

The Cost of Doing BusinessThe Cost of Doing Business

Is the cost of running your company
getting you down?

We've all been hit hard by the economic downswing - and local businesses and non-profit groups are having a harder time staying afloat.

Johnsons' Consulting, LLC [the publisher of Mid-Shore Life] wants to support local groups and businesses. Because of that, we are temporarily lowering our hourly consulting rates by 1/3.

We believe in the power of small business, and want you to continue to grow your company/non-profit during these difficult times. We will be returning to our normal rates when the economy is more encouraging.

The website prices are already as affordable as possible. Businesses, non-profit groups and individuals - regardless of location - may sign up for an interactive website (such as THIS one)for less than a dollar a day. Go to Johnsons' Consulting, LLC for prices, or Contact Us for more information and a no-obligation chat!

Boister Visits the Dorchester Art Center!

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

BoisterBoisterLocal artist, Anne Watts, and her group Boister, performed their latest album for an appreciative audience on Friday night! Music, laughter and dancing children filled the early evening hours. Anne was a walking, singing advertisement for the local Cambridge stores - sharing with us where she had found each article of clothing and jewelry! I'll be checking out the Cambridge shops this week and reporting back!

The musical celebration took place at the new Dorchester Art Center at 321 High Street in Cambridge. Read more...

Some Moths Drink the Tears of Elephants

Anne Watts and BoisterAnne Watts and Boister

By: Kathryn Johnson

My family went to Anne Watts's (and Boister) CD celebration,"Some Moths Drink the Tears of Elephants". That's all.

I'm kidding! 13 year old Jessica Brown sang the opening of the concert with "Love Song". She also played the keyboard. Anne Watts said this: "Her voice is like an angel's!" She was right!

Anyway back to Anne! My favorite song that night was most likely "The Seven Elephants" I love her CD!!!!!!!!!!!! And the Seven Elephants (Humming the tune)

All the kids(including me!) danced to the music in the back of the room - well, a few grown-ups danced, too! My little brother really liked the song Anne sang in French. When she was done, he announced (loudly), "I don't know what she said but it sure was pretty!"

Everybody laughed!!!

Marriage Calculator?

How secure is your marriage? Answer the five questions at and see your marriage's five year prognosis.

I'm not too sure how those simple questions can predict much of anything - but at least my Hubby can breathe easily tonight - there's only a 3% chance of divorce in the next five years!

What WILL they think of next???

Got a Minute? Thank a Soldier!

Postcard for a SoldierPostcard for a SoldierMost of us want to reach out to others - but sometimes our own hectic lives get in the way. Xerox has made it simple to send a heartfelt thank-you postcard complete with message to a soldier stationed far away from home. It takes only a minute to accomplish, but the love it passes on is immeasurable.

Go to and select a postcard (all drawn by children throughout the country), select a message or add your own, and click submit. Xerox is printing out large batches of the postcards and mailing them overseas, along with care packages from

Let's remember our Nation's sons and daughters stationed amidst war - and wish them safe passage home!

Need a Break? Try Playing Zoo Tycoon!

We were tired and cranky following Black Friday, and the rain didn't improve our mood. Finally, in desperation, Mom (that would be me) reached into the dark recesses of a drawer and brought forth an inexpensive computer game I had purchased last summer - still in its wrapper.

Zoo Tycoon had set me back almost five dollars, and my expectations were low. I tend to only buy educational products for my family (one of the side effects of homeschooling, no doubt), and I've brought home more than one lemon. This game promised to teach us business (designing & developing a zoo and making it profitable) as well as making us more aware of zoo animals and their needs. I turned it over to my offspring and collapsed onto the couch.


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