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Santa TreeSanta Tree

Homestead Growers/Gardens

By: John K Johnson

The Mid-Shore Homeschool Cooperative took a field trip last Monday to Homestead Growers, to see one of the largest independent, single-location garden centers in the United States. Homestead Growers is the wholesale, growing division of of Homestead Gardens. The wholesale division is not open to the public, but educational tours can be arranged.

Valley View Farms

Caffeine themed christmas treeCaffeine themed christmas tree

By: Kathryn Johnson

When we went to Valley View Farms it was AWESOME!!!!!

There were a hundred and fifty something trees! All decorated beautifully! There was even a "Grinch" Christmas tree! And the ceiling was just covered with tree lights!

My mom's favorite tree was a "Caffeine" tree. It made me laugh!

It was awesome I can't wait till next year, maybe we can go there again! YAY!!

Mid-Shore Mania

The Secret is out – and folks are flocking to the mid-shore in record numbers! Why? What’s so great about living in the middle of nowhere?

Well, the answers vary slightly – but the following are ALWAYS at the top of the list:

10. No traffic jams! (assuming you avoid Routes 50 & 404 on weekends)
9. Farm fresh foods and great restaurants!
8. Less than 2 hours from DC and Baltimore!
7. Friendly neighbors!
6. Biking and running on country roads!
5. Centrally located: an easy drive to Rehoboth, Ocean City, Salisbury, Dover, Newark
and Annapolis!

Country Path by artfulscribe

Home, Sweet Home!

Traffic JamTraffic JamThere's nothing like a shopping trip to Baltimore and Towson to make you appreciate life on the Mid-Shore! Even though I've lived in Baltimore, Frederick, and New York City; a mere five years on the slower shore has reset my tolerance levels. I no longer appreciate, understand or accept:

1. rush hour traffic
2. overcrowded parking garages
3. a 40 minute wait at a restaurant
4. rude shoppers
5. size 0 fashion plates lugging around a designer leather bag larger than my overnite case. (I think they fill them with helium!)

Let's face it friends, I've been countrified - and I like it! Give me my chickens, back roads and friendly faces! Yee-haw!

Winter Hits the Mid-Shore!

Memories of WinterMemories of Winter

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

It's a blizzard!!! We could be stranded for months! It's every Mid-Shore resident for himself!!! Save yourselves!

Um...wait. The forecast said there MIGHT be snow flurries. Most likely rain. More rain. It will be well above freezing for most of the day - and temps were in the 70's just FOUR days ago!!! (don'cha just LOVE MD weather???)

So....if we MIGHT get a few snow flurries overnight...please explain to me the WALL of people at the grocery store last night - madly stocking up on milk, bread and toilet paper???

I don't know about you - but I'm hearing the entire state of Minnesota falling off their chairs, laughing. You know, the people that plug their cars in at night and don't cancel school when there's a mere four feet of NEW snow!

Oh well - we're on the Mid-Shore! We know the Chesapeake Bay, we know fishing and crabbing, we know chickens, and we know corn (boy, do we KNOW corn!). But snow???

Ok, so we don't do that well with snow. At least we ALWAYS have milk, bread and toilet paper!!! end

What in the world is this?

What is it?What is it?

By: John K Johnson

I can tell you that this is not an alien torture device, other than that you are on your own.

Do you know what it is and where it is?

Add a comment to tell us what you think.

Jim Hightower books

Political commentary by Jim Hightower

Review by: John K Johnson

Thieves in High Places

ISBN-10: 0452285658

If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote, They Would Have Given Us Candidates

ISBN-10: 0060932090

Jim Hightower is the former Agriculture Commissioner of Texas and displays great disdain for most politicians and for the entire system in which they currently operate.

Local Artist, Anne Watts, Releases New CD!

Anne Watts and BoisterAnne Watts and Boister

Review by: Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Some Moths Drink the Tears of Elephants , the new release by Boister and local musician Anne Watts, has burst forth on the music world! Raw and almost overwhelmingly intense, this music must be experienced - mere words seem too diminishing.

Join the Mid-Shore celebration of Boister's new release on December 5, from 5-7pm, at the new Dorchester Center for the Arts in Cambridge. $10 cover charge for adults.

Story continued...

Yellow Split-Pea Soup

There's nothing like a bowlful of this flavorful, filling soup to wake up your senses and fill your soul - and your stomach - with love! Add crusty bread and a salad for a complete meal! Serves eight, including finicky children!

A Toasty Alternative to High Heating Prices!

Hearthstone PhoenixHearthstone Phoenix

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

Are you dreading the approaching winter? Trying to find the balance between freezing and paying $10,000 for heating oil? Is Florida starting to look better and better? Fear not - help is at hand!

Our primary source of heat is our beloved woodstove. We have friends that heat with corn or pellet stoves - but wood just seems more - real to me. Our wood stove keeps us warm and saves us money - while providing a beautiful focal point in our country living room. I love our stove!

Please note, however, not all wood stoves are created equal! We began with a large, cast iron stove that had been with the house for years. There was nothing wrong with it - but it was hard to light, hard to maintain the fire, and seemed to burn through an inordinate amount of wood...

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Main Street Stores, Abingdon, VA

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