Delegate Addie Eckardt presents new flags to the skipjack, Nathan of Dorchester

Delegate Addie Eckardt, right, recently presented a new state flag to Capt. Frank Newton for the skipjack Nathan of Dorchester, recognizing the boat’s activities as an ambassador promoting the local heritage throughout the Chesapeake Bay.

The boat also received a new City of Cambridge flag, presented earlier by Clerk-Treasurer Ed Kinnamon. Eckardt joined members of the Dorchester Skipjack Committee at its reception welcoming the captains and crews of the skipjacks participating in the 2012 Choptank Heritage Skipjack Race. The Nathan placed third in the race, behind the H. M. Krentz and Rebecca T. Ruark.

For more information, to charter the boat or to volunteer, contact the Dorchester Skipjack Committee at 410-228-7141 or visit its website, www.skipjack-nathan.org.


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