Environmental Concern Announces 40th Anniversary “Big Night In™” Gala

Innovative fundraiser keeps organization’s mission at the forefront 

Environmental Concern of St. Michaels, Md. announces its 40th Anniversary “Big Night In” Gala to celebrate four decades of connecting children, teachers, professionals and the community to wetland habitats in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Unlike traditional fundraising events, guests are invited to enjoy a night at home instead of attending an event in person. While officially scheduled for October 5th, guests can host their own “Big Night In” on the evening of their choice. The quirky invitation depicts a wetland habitat, gives participants suggestions on how to spend their evening, and also shares green tips to make their “Big Night In” a sustainable one. Participants in the “Big Night In” are also encouraged to take photos and share how they spent their evening on the organization’s Facebook Page.

“We are practitioners,” comments Environmental Concern’s President, Suzanne Pittenger-Slear. “When we thought about how to celebrate our 40th year, we felt it was important to honor our history and keep our mission at the forefront, instead of spending limited time and resources on planning a large event. With today’s fast pace and over-booked calendars, we felt that our supporters would enjoy a reason to stay in and reconnect with their families and living rooms while supporting our mission.”

To receive more information about the “Big Night In” or be added to the invitation list, visit www.wetland.org/bignightin or contact Suzanne Pittenger-Slear at sslear@wetland.org or 410.745.9620.

About Environmental Concern

Environmental Concern is a public non-profit established in 1972 that exists to promote public understanding and stewardship of wetlands with the goal of improving water quality and enhancing nature’s habitat. The organization accomplishes its mission through wetland outreach and education, native species horticulture, and the restoration, construction and enhancement of wetlands. For the last 40 years, Environmental Concern has been known as the leading expert in the field of wetlands restoration, horticulture and education. Further, the public non-profit established the first native plant nursery in the nation. Environmental Concern’s campus is located at the head of San Domingo Creek in St. Michaels, Maryland, which is located on the Chesapeake Bay on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. To learn more, please visit www.wetland.org or call Suzanne Pittenger-Slear, president at 410.745.9620.

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