Marathon ROCKS Preconditioning Program to Start Saturday, Feb. 28

by Amy Eutsey

Marathon ROCKS TrainingMarathon ROCKS Training
Before you know it, spring will be here, and after that is swimsuit season...yikes! We'll all be looking to shed the winter pounds and dust off our bones for regular outdoor exercise. Consider joining the Marathon ROCKS team this year...even if you haven't run before!

Really, Marathon ROCKS is good for you, and by joining, you will also do something great for the young people of Talbot County.

On February 28, we are starting a marathon preconditioning program to ease you into a regular running program. We will start with doing more walking than running at first, and then over the next 10-weeks will have you running 3 miles like a pro. If you are new to running or haven't run in a long while, consider coming out. Walkers are welcome too....

Plan an Evening of Romance!

Local woman, Dr. Amber Golshani, creates chocolate aphrodisiacs!

Dr. Golshani and her Love TrufflesDr. Golshani and her Love Truffles

by Cyndi Paxton Johnson

It began - innocently enough - in a mother's kitchen. Dr. Golshani was experimenting with ways to get healthy, immune boosting herbs into her young daughter without a lot of added sugar. She began mixing the herbs with cocoa and dates and soon her child was begging for the healthy treats! Amber Golshani then shared her creation with her friends - who begged for more!

Eventually Dr. Golshani, a Naturopathic Doctor (N.D.)with an office in Easton, created another cacao based treat for her grown-up friends. "Love Truffles" contain a potent blend of herbal aphrodisiacs and nutrient-rich raw foods that stimulate your senses while providing a natural "boost". Different herbs are used to create "his" and "hers" chocolate delights!

“Her” love truffles contain herbs that promote relaxation, increase circulation and pleasure, help relieve stress and muscle tension, stimulate the libido, and balance the female hormones for a more sensuous experience.

In “His” love truffles, stimulating herbs are blended to promote energy and stamina, increase libido, promote circulation, and boost virility for a strong performance and enhanced experience.

Running to the Aid of Talbot County’s Youth

100 Local Marathoners Raise Money for YMCA Facility

Local Runners Celebrate!Local Runners Celebrate!

Easton, Maryland — To create positive change in their communities, some people run for political office; others run charitable organizations.

And some people, like those volunteering with Marathon ROCKS, run 26.2 miles.

Beginning May 9, approximately 100 local residents will train to run at least one marathon or half marathon in the fall. Their goal (aside from crossing the finish line) will be to raise money for the new youth development facility (scheduled to open in 2010) at the YMCA in Easton.

Under the coaching support of Amy Eutsey and Lea Ann Robinson, co-founders of Marathon ROCKS, Mid-Shore runners will train for the Virginia Beach Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon (September 6) or the Marine Corps Marathon (October 25). Some will even run both. To participate in the 18- or 26-week training programs—which welcome everyone from non-runners to hard-core athletes—participants agree to raise at least $1,000 in donations for the YMCA youth facility.

Punk Rock at Easton Historical Society

Procrastination RecordsProcrastination Records

by Travis Mamone

Local punk bands Press Black, World Class Defects, and Psycho Rainbow will perform at the Historical Society in Easton, MD this Saturday, January 24th, at 7 p.m. The show celebrates the release of a new album featuring Press Black and World Class Defects. According to Press Black’s MySpace blog, the CD “will have four unreleased originals from each band, and each band covering one of the other band’s songs.”

For those expecting radio-friendly pop punk like Blink 182 and Good Charlotte, look elsewhere! Press Black and World Class Defects--from Easton and Greensboro, respectfully—are bringing back the original sound and attitude of classic hardcore punk. These aren’t catchy little numbers about skater boys and high school proms; these guys sing about destruction, mind control, death, and nonconformity.

Psycho Rainbow is an up-and-coming indie band from New York. Don’t let their huge ironic sunglasses fool you—these guys have the talent! Their blend of psychedelic, surfer rock, and noise pop make them a band worth seeing live.

Coffee Cat: What's In a Name?

By Travis Mamone

The Coffee Cat in EastonThe Coffee Cat in EastonMany of you have noticed several changes with Coffee East coffee shop in Easton, MD, especially their name. Is it Coffee East, Coffee Cat, Night Cat, or what? And will anything else change? Hopefully this will clear things up.

Coffee Cat is the café portion, where you can order lattes, sandwiches (try the chicken Panini with goat cheese!), and pastries. Night Cat is where you can see live shows every weekend from a variety of artists. It’s the same building, of course.

But why change the name? As you may or may not know, the coffee shop is now under new management. The same people who now own Coffee Cat also own Hair o’ the Dog Wine and Spirits. So to keep with the pet theme, Coffee East

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