Chickens are tough!

One Tough ChickenOne Tough ChickenIt has started getting cold here on the shore. (Not as cold as Tok, Alaska, -78F last I heard) It has been getting down into the 20s at night and, of course, we are concerned for the newest members of our family.

This is our first winter with chickens and I have been having nightmares about getting up one morning and finding 8 chicken-sicles hanging upside down from the perch in their chicken coop. Guess what, chickens are a lot tougher than they appear.

The cold does not appear to bother our feathered friends at all, they run around the yard just as happy as can be. If their water bowl is frozen over, they break through the ice and drink the water underneath. If their water bowl is frozen solid, they march onto the back porch, threatening to break down the door and do us bodily harm, if we do not get them some fresh water immediately.

These ladies are intimidating. They have chased me across the yard looking for a "treat", of corn. They let you know when they are hungry and can be quite intimidating if need be.

We love watching our chickens roam the yard. We adore their eggs. We had no idea that they were this tough.

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