Does Empty Space Attract Clutter?

by Debbie Bowden of Organize Now


I hear, “Well, there sure is a lot of space now.” That statement puts fear into the heart of an organizer because when most people are faced with empty space, they feel a strong urge to fill it. Then guess what – more clutter!

Here are a few tricks to fool the eye that the empty space just doesn’t exist:

Arrange your clothes with 2 to 3 inches between each piece. This gives the illusion that the closet is full, but gives more actual space if needed. (An added benefit – your clothes won’t get wrinkled being crammed together.)

Don’t stack shoes on top of each other. Line up each pair neatly with space in between. Again, this makes good use of space and allows you to add to your collection.

If you have adjustable shelves in your linen closet, arrange them so there is just enough space for washclothes and hand towels, and another for just enough space for body towels. This will help keep you from stoving other items in with your towels.

Use knick-knacks to fill shelves, particularly book shelves. The visual break of different dimensions and colors makes the shelf look fuller.

For garage or basement shelving, place large items at eye level. This gives the appearance that the storage areas are full.

All of these tips allow for future storage while at the same time keeping the need to fill up the space at bay.

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