Harboring Some Fun

by Mary McCarthy
I have a confession to make. I had never, ever left the Centreville harbor by boat until the past week. Yeah, yeah, I know, I've lived on the Eastern Shore for nearly a decade! How could I NOT have gone anywhere by boat?! Well, putting aside the facts that we don't actually HAVE a boat (we've been on the boat slip waiting list since we moved here) and that, um, everyone hates me so I don't get invited, I really was surprised that I hadn't left the Centreville harbor until this week.
Within a week, I took two boat trips from Centreville. One 'quick boat ride' to Kent Narrows and back, and one day-long, tons of families beach picnic trip. Both were amazing! On our friends' 'fast boat' (so called by my four year old son), I loved zipping around the bay- seeing the Russian Embassy from the water, and how pretty the landscape is from the boat. Favorite? Seeing the amazing waterfront homes. And nearly a week later, the beach picnic (I actually ended up taking a nap in the shade with my little boy- heaven!) was a ton of fun, too. Not just because of the amazing hoagies (I say hoagies, I'm from Philly. You can go ahead and call them 'subs' if you like.), but because hanging out with friends, the kids playing in the tidal pools, catching crabs, digging for clams and tubing behind boats (not me. others.) just made for an amazing day.
I will never be an Eastern Shorewoman- I am a lifer of a chicken necker because I am a 'come here' and not a 'from here.' But leaving from the Centreville Harbor on a sunny late summer day sure made me feel like a native, just for a moment. And I loved it.

Mary McCarthy (marymac)
blog: Pajamas and Coffee

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