JELLY MUNCHKINS, A New Coffee Shop and Dollar Store Re-do

by Mary McCarthy

Dunkin DonutsOn my regular humor blog, www.pajamasandcoffee.com, I made a very small mention about how, when I was a kid, you used to be able to buy Jelly-Filled Munchkins. The internet and twitter and social media being what they are, SOMEHOW the CEO of Dunkin Donuts got ahold of it, sent me a tweet on twitter, and before I knew it, I found jelly-filled Munchkins have been added to our local DD! The first batch were AMAZING, very jelly-y, but the ones I bought last weekend had like hardly any jelly inside. Careful, DD, me and Dunkin Dave are tight now and I will rat you guys out if you get cheap on me!

The former Hayden’s Alley, which was opened-then-closed by Just Plain Joe’s and has been sitting empty for months and months is A-BUZZ with activity! How exciting is THAT?! When the “Coming Soon” sign went up I was so excited! You know what I miss the most? The little upstairs room that overlooks the courthouse (plus, unfortunately the UGLY POWER LINES that need to be BURIED when the state rips up the road again!). As a writer (and former council member), that spot was always one of my faves to hang out with a latte and a laptop. So, I hope the new shop still has that upstairs room open. I will post more details here when I know them- stay tuned!

Also, have you noticed the renovation of the dollar store? I read somewhere that the only stores doing better in the recession economy are dollar stores, where people are flocking to find bargains on everyday household items, and even food. I am a huge dollar-store/consignment shop/outlets shopper. So when I went into the dollar store a few weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to see all the new items! The down side is that everything’s in a new place now, so if you go looking for cheap dog bones, they ain’t where they used to be. But there’s lots more stuff and it’s totally less trashy inside now, so go on over and check it out.

Whine of the Week (no, I would not like some cheese with this whine, but thanks for asking): The parking lot at the Food Lion shopping center is beyond disgusting, The management is not keeping it clean, it needs to be paved, and for GOD’S SAKE the spaceship lighting wastes tons of energy and overly lights up half the county way too much. Our town should demand a RE-DO at the shopping center, especially if they come in crying for something to the planning commission.

See ya around town!

Mary McCarthy (marymac)
blog: Pajamas and Coffee

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