by Travis Mamone

Easton High School has done it again with their production of the Who’s rock opera “Tommy.” Under the direction of Tom Quimby, the cast and crew bring Pete Townshed’s masterpiece to life with excitement, drama, humor, and great rock and roll.

Based on the Who’s 1969 double-album, “Tommy” tells the story a boy who, after witnessing his father kill his mother’s lover, becomes psychosomatically deaf, mute, and blind. He is abused by his Uncle Ernie and Cousin Kevin, grows up to be a champion at pinball, and, when he regains his senses, becomes a messianic figure to his fans.

“Tommy” was made into a move in 1975, and then went to Broadway in 1993. Easton High performs the Broadway version, so don’t expect to see Tommy’s mom roll around in a pool of beans.

But do expect to see an outstanding cast that includes Jacob Porch as Tommy, Sarah Lowe as Tommy’s Mother, Shane Taylor as Captain Walker, and Matt Filbert as Uncle Ernie. Filbert is a standout; he can bring out both the humorous and lecherous sides of Uncle Ernie convincingly. Another cast member to take notice of is 7th grader Ian Young, who plays Tommy as a child. He’s mostly quiet during the first act, but in the second act he finally gets a chance to display his tremendous voice.

“Tommy” marks the debut of musical director Christine Noyes. Under her, the cast and accompanying musicians makes the music of “Tommy” come alive. Whether you’re a long-time “Tommy” fan or a newcomer, the music will make you sing and dance in the aisle (although you might want to stay in your seat, because the cast members use the aisles a couple of times).

Tickets are $10 for adults, and $8 for students. They can be purchased at either the door or at Crackerjacks in Easton. The show starts at 8 PM on March 20th and 21st. These are the last two shows, so be sure to check out this amazing journey before it ends.

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